Make donating part of your New Year’s Resolution

Dear Lifesavers,

At Inland Northwest Blood Center, we would like to thank you for donating with us! Donating blood is the ultimate random act of kindness since you never know whose life you could save.

And as we begin 2016, we have a favor to ask of you: consider making one of your resolutions to donate three times a year. It’s as easy as logging onto and making your appointment right from your computer.

With 35 percent of our donations coming from students, the beginning of the year poses a large problem. Students have been on vacation through the month of December, meaning we have had fewer opportunities to reach out to a good portion of those who help keep our community going.

That is why we need your help. Your commitment will help bulk up our blood supply so we are fully equipped and ready to help save lives across the Inland Northwest.

By presenting to donate in January, you will receive a seven day guest pass to Anytime Fitness – and six lucky winners will receive a free one-year membership. And if the gym isn’t for you, you can burn up to 600 calories just by donating blood.

Donating blood is so much more than most realize. 30 percent of our inventory goes to cancer patients, and about one in seven people entering the hospital end up needing blood.  About an hour out of your day could help save up to three lives.

So as you enter 2016, we hope that you will find it in you to give blood, save lives and find the hero in you.

Thank you from all of us at the Inland Northwest Blood Center

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