From registration to snacks in the canteen, whole blood donation takes about 45 minutes. Specialized donations (double red blood cell, plasma and/or platelets) may take a bit longer, but there are many benefits to our community. Here is what the donation process looks like:

  • Medical History Questionnaire: All donors must respond to a brief health questionnaire to determine if they are able to give blood. This ensures the safety of both the donor and the patient.
  • Check up: A mini physical is conducted which includes heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, and hemoglobin check.
  • Donation: Donors recline comfortably in a chair for their donation. For whole blood donation approximately one pint of blood is drawn and takes between 5 and 10 minutes. A double red blood cell donation takes approximately 20 minutes longer and a platelet donation can take up to an additional hour and half. Every donor is different so donation times vary.
  • Rest & Refreshments: Once the donation process is complete, donors enjoy juice and other snacks in the canteen area. This helps to replenish their fluids and energy. Aside from heavy lifting or other strenuous activities, donors can return to their normal daily routine.