Why give blood? Each donor has a favorite reason:

  • “Knowing I saved a life.”
  • “Enjoying snacks afterwards.”
  • “Getting out of class for a bit.”

But did you know that  Inland Northwest Blood Center is now thanking loyal blood donors with the Hero in Me Donor Rewards Program?


As a THANK YOU to our life-saving donors you can now view your donation history, make and review appointments, see your total cholesterol results and earn points to redeem online for thank-you gifts.

View Hero Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions about the Hero in Me Donor Rewards Program.

Earn points for your donations, making appointments online and keeping them, coming in at high need times and for donating different blood components like red blood cells, platelets and plasma. These points can be redeemed online for great thank-you gifts like t-shirts, movie tickets and more! See more about the great thank-you gifts and earn 100 points just by logging into your account and reading more about the rewards program. Schedule your next donation online and earn 100 more points when you arrive for your appointment.

When you log into your account you can also see your total cholesterol results. Results will be posted up to 7-days after blood donation.


Are you a blood drive coordinator? There is a rewards program for all your hard work too! Find out more about the Hero in Us Coordinator Rewards Program.