Inland Northwest Blood Center does more than just collect the blood. As an added value for our hospitals, the Transfusion Laboratory performs blood tests, crossmatches, and prepares specialized units for patients’ transfusion needs.

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Adverse Transfusion Reaction

Whenever an adverse transfusion reaction is suspected, the transfusion should be immediately halted and an investigation performed according to the established procedures of the institution. For institutions reporting adverse transfusion reactions to INBC for investigation, report the information using the Transfusion Reaction Report, TS 009 (PDF). For institutions that perform their own investigations, reactions may need to be reported to INBC due to attributes specific to the donor or the processing of the blood product (e.g. bacterial contamination of a blood unit, or suspected Transfusion Related Acute Lung Injury). Report the information telephonically at 509-624-8591. The following table list symptoms associated with various types of reactions.

For details on transfusion reactions (minutes to hours, within 24 hours), please click here.