INBC struggles to bulk up region’s blood supply

It’s been a rough few months for all of us around the Inland Northwest, and Inland Northwest Blood Center has not been immune.  From the windstorm to the snow storm, right into cold and flu season, and now the Zika virus, it seems we cannot catch a break.

With 35 percent of our donations coming from students, the beginning of the year always poses a large problem.  Students were on vacation through the month of December, meaning we have fewer opportunities to reach out to a good portion of those who help keep our community going.

The windstorm and cancellation of classes meant the donations we normally receive to get us through those slower times were non-existent.  This meant January was already a struggle. On top of a depleted supply, we are facing cold and flu season, which means even fewer people are eligible to donate.

Now we are facing the Zika virus, which has a projected 2 percent drop in donations because of the deferrals. And we are coming up on Spring Break, when many people head to regions that are currently affected by the virus, leading to even more people being deferred from donating.

Right now, INBC is able to meet the day-to-day needs of the Inland Northwest, however we are struggling to bring our supply to where it needs to be if we were to experience an emergency in our region.

That is why we need your help. With your assistance, we can regrow our blood supply so we are fully equipped and ready to help save lives across the Inland Northwest.

There is no substitute for human blood. If you really want to lend a hand, lend an arm.

Head to and make an appointment to save a life today. You can also make an appointment by calling (800)423-0151 and press 1.

Donating blood means a few minutes to you, but it could mean a lifetime to someone in need.

From all of us at Inland Northwest Blood Center, thank you for your commitment to saving lives in your community.

Help INBC stop the spread of the Zika virus

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